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Our Story

Our story begins with a man named Peter Grima. 

Peter was the brilliant and loving husband of Megan, proud father of Carlie, Natalie and Callan, and besotted grandfather of Hudson. He was the successful businessman, a best friend to all, and a supportive, selfless individual.


He was an active man - engaging in multiple boot camp sessions per week, and was known to indulge in a good afternoon nap! On the weekends he loved hitting the dance floor with his mates, and having BBQs with his family on a Sunday evening. Put simply, he loved life and refused to let any day be ordinary.


On April 19th 2016, Peter received news that would instantly change his life. After months complaining of an uncomfortable stomach, his GP sent him for a scan that revealed stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The cancer had already metastasised to the liver, giving Peter a 5-year survival rate of 1%.


After the initial shock, Peter and his family sprang into action. Determined to do anything in their power to beat the statistics, they knew if there was anyone capable of doing so, it was Peter.

Multiple appointments with surgeons and oncologists were booked. National and international conversations with numerous pancreatic cancer research centres took place. All returned the same opinion; surgery was not possible, and chemotherapy would only delay the inevitable.


In the face of such adversity, Peter's determination grew. No matter how many times he was told the disease would eventually take him, he remained certain he would beat it - a testament to the incredible man he was.


While there were hopeful signs of the cancer reducing in the initial rounds of chemo, additional health complications quickly derailed this. In September 2016, Peter and with his family made the difficult decision to stop chemo. With a potential clinical trial also being ruled out, the family made the most of the limited time they had left.


On a beautiful, rainy Wednesday morning in November with family by his side, Peter passed away peacefully.


Wish You Were Here


Following his loss, seven of Peter’s closest friends - frustrated with the lack of Pancreatic Cancer awareness and research funding - banded together to create Wish You Were Here, determined to make a difference. 

The team set themselves a physical challenge that symbolised the physical and psychological challenges faced by cancer patients, and the Kokoda Trail event was born.

The Kokoda Trail


The Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea was the chosen for the courage, endurance and tenacity required to complete the 96km journey, which sees an elevation gain of 2200m (approximately 7200 feet) as it winds through the Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea.

2017 also marked the 75th anniversary of the battle for Papua New Guinea in World War 2, and the challenge served as a respectful homage to the trail diggers that fought so bravely against overwhelming odds, just as Pancreatic Cancer sufferers battle with their diagnosis.


Above all else, the team wanted the trip to provide reassurance for those suffering that they are not forgotten.

The team set off on their trek on 1st September 2017 and arrived back nine days later, having raised almost $200,000 in the process. All money raised was donated to the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

2017 Gala Dinner


Following on from the successful journey through the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Wish You Were Here team is hosted a gala dinner to acknowledge its supporters, and pay tribute to those that have been taken by Pancreatic Cancer. The event also gave stakeholders a forum to advise the public of the latest developments in Pancreatic Cancer treatment and care. 

Thank you from the entire Wish You Were Here team!